The most comprehensive book of Melbourne's Hitachi trains ever printed!

The Hitachi Trains Melbourne book is a photo book of the journey of the Hitachi trains throughout Melbourne from start to finish.

What have people been sharing on social media

It's about the memories.

Ned Scott

"Still remember the brake smell
on these as a kid."

Will James: Railways

"Ned Scott ah yes I can also remember it vividly!"

Cale Seamer

"I could never travel on a Hitachi without hanging my head out the window. Almost as iconic as the W class tram, I did say almost."

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From drivers to passengers

It's about nostalgia

Alex Pennini

"Very excited to pick this up, the Hitachi is one of the most nostalgic trains around for me, spent many years as a kid riding the train with my mum to uni and back."

Barry Cooper

"Even when they were at the end of their time in service, real fun to drive."

Jamie Bennett

"I loved the Hitachi trains. I caught one many, many times from the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s. Tough as nails train."

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You could travel with the window open

It's about the history!

Jamie Bennett:

"The Hitachi trains could also travel at high speeds with no problems. I discovered this between Cranbourne and Dandenong. Before Lynbrook Station opened in 2012 there was an 11km section of track with no stations. The Comeng’s would rattle & vibrate at high speeds, but the Hitachi’s would fly. It was also nice travelling on this section of track on a warm summer evening with the windows open."

Danny Railfan

"These trains, the “silver train” as I called them when I was young, had so much character. I still miss them!"

Jordy Bridge

"I miss the smell of those stinkers."

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  • If you like the Harry’s

    "If you like the Harry’s then this book is the book, from the first cart to the very last and in between, dope Melbourne history."

    Simon N.

  • Scott Rawling
    "It just arrived! OMG, what a beautiful book! I love it, thank you very much. Are you guys planning on doing one for each train ie the Red Rattler, Harris etc? Count me in if you are. Thank you again, it’s magnificent."

    Union heights



    "This is EPIC! CONGRATULATIONS @silencemelbourne 🔥🙌"


    "An excellent book!"


    "So damn good!!!!!! 💯♥️👏🙌
    It’s a time machine. ♥️♥️♥️"

    "The book is awesome. A great piece of Melbourne history. Good S***!"

    Andrew T.

    "A fantastic book on the subject and very happy with it."

  • Stuart Johnson

    "I got the book today it's is fantastic thank you."

    Bri Hair

    "Amazing book Silence? Lots of memories. Do a comeng now haha" 

    Peter Bergin

    "Looks like an excellent coffee table book of the glorious Silver Trains of Melbourne! Thanks for going to the trouble of compiling and publishing!"

  • Quentin C.

    "Excellent book, very detailed with lots of info and pictures throughout the history of the Hitachi trains.

    Also, Silence Melbourne are very responsive and communicative and have been fantastic to deal with. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book!"

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Frequently asked questions

Does the book only have photos, or will it also have some background info?

The book covers the general history of the motor cars, D cars and T cars. It has a little background and writing but mainly photos.

Are there panels in this book?

It's mostly clean trains. There are some incidental tags and a section on Brooklyn scrap yards, with a panel or two. But generally speaking it's a clean trains only book.

How did Peter.J.Vincent contribute to the book?

Peter.J.Vincent contributed a number of photo's particularly from the early days. His photos are from the 1970's and 1980's and again later on with some great scenery shots captured while he was a train driver. The majority of the text is from Peter's decades of research.

What are the special features of this book?

This book features every motor car from 1M through to 100 M D cars, T cars, Scrap yards, Connex, Metro. There are more than 200 pages and over 350 photos. Photo and text contributions by Peter.J.Vincent.

Who contributed to the book?

Nathan Fitzhume, Chris McGregor, Peter.J.Vincent and Hayden Luxmoore.

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