Silence the Artist

‘Silence’ is a self-taught aerosol artist with experience
spanning 30 years. Raised in the suburbs of Frankston, Silence has experienced
and been part of the evolution of Melbourne graffiti and street art culture for
most of his life.

Silence is known for his clean, sharp, strong lines, his
attention to detail and determination for perfection. His work is abstract, contemporary, reflective and draws on nostalgia from the 80’s and 90’s. Silence
enjoys experimenting with a dynamic combination of recycled materials such as
pipes, rust and 3D objects to add texture, depth, and emphasis. Drips, splats and layering are another hallmark of his work and his eclectic use of recycled and upcycled materials.

Silence has collaborated with local, interstate and international artists
producing countless art works for non-profit organisations, community groups, businesses, schools, private collectors and his own personal projects.

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    “Everyone is so happy with both the work and the way you work with the

    Steve Damen

    Cire Community School, VIC

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    "Creative, talented & inspirational! 👏"
    Liana Kennedy

    Solve it Plumbing, VIC

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    “We appreciate for Silence Melbourne’s
    such a cool art work! Everyone is loving new painting on my shop”


    Jaemin’s cakes and pastries, NSW

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    “Silence Melbourne has produced
    several fantastic pieces of work for Concern Australia including a mural that
    brilliantly captures our values on a feature wall in one of our meeting
    rooms.  This artwork brings to life our work and includes coffee tables produced
    in partnership with young people.  My favourite is the imagery that
    encapsulates the hope we have for young people across Melbourne.”
    Michelle Crawford

    CEO – Concern Australia

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    Silence has “spent time with some of our young people teaching them
    Graffiti Art and helping them to produce amazing canvases, some of which are on
    display in our Dandenong office. His own artistic designs can also be seen at
    the office on walls and doors and in some of our lead tenant houses, making
    these spaces much more interesting and inviting for young people.”

    Anne Mitchell

    Manager - Steps Outreach Service

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    “As an artist, your work is
    simply amazing, with exceptional attention to detail. Working with the students
    to teach them skills and involving them in the creation of such fantastic
    murals showed great patience. I would recommend your services to absolutely

    Steve Damen

    Cire Community school, VIC

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  • Review

    "Professionalism and attention to detail, Silence is amazing at his craft and well worth hiring. We love the new mural at our workplace, as will everyone who visits. Can't recommend them enough! I mean, what's not to love about this?!"

    Jo Dudley

    Senior Youth Programs Coordinator - Casey Tech School 

    Chisholm Institute, Berwick, VIC

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    "they look awesome!"


    Street artist photographer

  • Review

    “Silence, Thank you for
    your amazing hard work. I never appreciated street art until I realised how much work goes into this. You are one talented artist”

    Ceylon Girls Café and Bar, Vic